Manipulate Reality (spiritualcanvas) wrote,
Manipulate Reality

Post Secret
I am a huge fan of Post Secret. i've read a few of the Post Secret books, I've even sent in some secrets of my own, and it felt great.
Well, I've been watching videos about it and have been reading about it, and I came up with this idea I think would be great at one of those Post Secret events.
Get a bunch of willing participants to take part in a game. A BUNCH of people. Have each person write their secret on a full face mask that hides their idenity when worn, wear the mask (their secret clearly visible on their face), and talk to each other, or not, completely anonymous. I imagine people seeing each other's most painful secrets, and hugging, accepting the person. Let them know its ok to feel the way to do, that its ok to be human. Maybe even make friends. Its our secrets, our flaws, that make us human.

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